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Earthworm Education from the NRCS

It has been raining hard the last few days in usually sunny Petaluma... Mass Wiggle loves it because the fresh water fills our worm water reservoir and also keeps our compost piles moist.

Rainy season is also great because we get to sneak in some reading instead of playing outside.

One of our favorite places to get current soil information from is the USDA's NRCS Soil website. The site has various authors that contribute to the site and the authors do a very good job (in my opinion) of explaining complex subjects.

Clive Edwards of Ohio State University is well known in our community as a worm expert and he talks about earthworms at this link - Clive Edwards Earthworms NRCS Soils

So if you are inside and want to read a well written article about worms, then follow the above link!

Have a great weekend!

#soileducation #usda #nrcs #soilfoodweb #worms

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