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Worms to the Rescue!

Mass Wiggle is a newcomer to the eco-friendly fertilizer world.  Founded by Glen Ghilotti, it is one of the largest worm farms in the United States.


What does Mass Wiggle do?  We take manure and feed it to worms.  The worms create castings (nice way to say worm poop) which are a fantastic addition to any garden.  Our friend CalRecycle says this about the material...

“Vermicompost, or castings, is worm manure. Worm castings are considered by many in horticulture to be the very best soil amendment available.”  (CalRecycle website 2014)

Mass Wiggle works with various local wineries, nurseries, and is happiest to work directly with gardeners!

What is Vermicompost?


Mass Wiggle vermicompost (worm castings) is a great addition to your garden. Application is simple – apply a two inch layer of Mass Wiggle vermicompost around the base of your plants and gently mix it into the topsoil. Mass Wiggle vermicompost is very rich and plants benefit most when 20-30% of your soil mix is vermicompost.

When blending large applications, take three parts of your current soil mix and add one part Mass Wiggle vermicompost. After applying Mass Wiggle, water as you regularly do.

For new plantings, add a handful of Mass Wiggle  vermicompost into the new site for healthy plant and root growth!

Mass Wiggle Worm Tea is a fantastic fast acting fertilizer that gets nutrients to your plants quickly! Apply the tea around the base of your plants just like you would when watering. There is no need to dilute or apply water to our tea. Be aware that the live beneficial microbes in Mass Wiggle tea only live for 24-48

hours so use it as soon as possible!

Worm Fire Truck

Worm Farm Tour

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